The 1st XV Club has been formed to specifically support the First XV of the Club, to enable it play at the highest possible level.

Our members passionately believe that a successful First XV drives the momentum and revenue raising activities throughout the wider club. ie 2+2=5.

All subscriptions to the 1st XV Club are passed through a separate bank account to the First XV coaching staff, to utilise as they see fit, on the recruitment and support of players. This will support local and regional players in their willingness to both stay at and/or join the club and may be used if required to attract overseas players.

All members will be invited to meetings to be held around 3 times a year and 2 dinners.

Members will receive regular updates both before and after matches from the coaches providing valuable insights.

They will also receive edited videos with “ref link” on Sundays after all the games, both home and away, to view at their leisure.

All members will be able to attend one 1st XV Club lunch with a guest, per season, as guests of the club.

Members are also entitled to purchase International Tickets through the club at face value from the CRUFC/RFU allocation.

This initiative is growing very fast and is “Making A Difference” to the First XV results.

Please use this form if you'd like to join up.