Please click on each membership type (under the Memberships tab) to see what benefits are associated for each membership type. The different membership costs are given below as are the instructions on how to create accounts, purchase memberships, and player affiliation.

Any members joining from January are entitled to a 50% discount.

Social membership - includes 10% discount at bar, £5 off entry to 1st XV league matches.
Full membership – includes 15% discount at bar, free entry to 1st XV league matches
Other benefits as set out under Membership Benefits for all membership types.

We would like to encourage all members to purchase their memberships prior to the start of the 22-23 season which starts on September 3rd 2022.

Social Memberships

h. Full Member (incl spouse/partner) £200

g. Social Member (incl spouse/partner) £100

Please ensure that if you are wanting your spouse/partner to be included that they have their own GMS account and that the 2 accounts are linked together (as laid out in joining instructions attached). The membership for the 2nd person will be e. Spouse Membership 2022-23

j. Debenture £750- valid for 3years from date of purchase

l. VP Donation £50 - can be purchased in conjunction with another adult membership

Senior Playing Memberships

Includes 15% discount at bar, free entry to 1st XV league matches, in addition to other benefits as set out under Membership Benefits.

a. Adult players £175 - for ALL adult players

b. Student Players £35 (only for students studying away at uni who may want to train/play during holidays) – membership will hold as pending until a valid student photo ID is emailed to the Membership Secretary. No club discounts apply but you still retain your right to vote at the AGM.

Mini & Youth Membership

Main parent - choose from either the d. Parent Full (£200) or c. Parent Social (£100) membership, Second parent - choose e. Spouse Membership 2022-23 (free),

f. M&Y Player membership £80

For all additional M&Y players (£70) choose the above membership - the discount will be applied in the basket automatically.

The above M&Y set-up constitutes a Family Full, or Family Social Membership – all parents and players need to be linked to the same account prior to memberships being added to the basket as advised in joining instructions attached.

1st XV Club

If you would like to get more actively involved in the success of the 1st XV please consider becoming a member of the 1st XV Club.



  1. Create Account
  2. Add all Applicable members/players
  3. Purchase Members
  4. Affiliate Players

Create a new account – full instructions can be found at this link:

Add other members/players – full instructions can be found here:

For purchasing membership and affiliation please see below.


  1. Sign in
  2. Purchase Membership
  3. Affiliate Players

If you are a returning member, or you are transferring from another club, you will already have a profile set up on GMS. Please sign in at: GMS Account Login

If anyone has any issues signing in, please let me know as soon as you can. Your username is not necessarily your email address. You will find your username in the footer of any CRUFC system-generated email (or you can email If you cannot remember your password, you can create a new one by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’.
All adults, and any children, linked to the account need to be added to Cambridge RUFC. The same method is used if you’re transferring from another club:

Go to the ‘My Organisations’ section. Search for, and select, Cambridge RUFC to be added to the club. 

Please check that all of your profile details are correct and amend if necessary - add all the missing details including DOB, telephone number. If required, please verify your email address. If any names are spelled incorrectly, please correct by editing the name field prior to affiliation and payment. Please use full first names, not just your initials.

Purchase Membership:

Under ‘My Organisations’, click on Buy Membership, you will be taken to the order page where you can choose each member’s membership type – please make sure that the main adult is at the top of the Family & Friends list on the left. 

Adult Players: Choose a. Adult Player Membership, or if you’re an away student choose b. Student Player Membership. 

Full or Social Members: Choose from h. Full Membership or g. Social Membership. 

Click on the 2nd adult (if applicable) and choose e. Spouse Membership, add to basket. 

Parents: Choose from c. Parent Social Membership or d. Parent Full Membership for the 1st adult, click on ‘add to basket’.
Click on the 2nd adult (if applicable) and choose e. Spouse Membership, add to basket.
Click on each child (if applicable) in turn and choose f. M&Y Player Membership for each child; add to basket in turn. 

All discounts will be applied at checkout – if something doesn’t look right, please contact me at before completing checkout.

Required for all playing members only, in order for them to be registered to play. Please ensure that the emergency contact and medical details are entered, or it won’t save your affiliation (the word optional here refers to the details of the medical issue, but you do have to answer Y or N). You will receive an on-screen message to say that it’s been sent to/received by the club if it’s all gone through.