Tue 12 Jan 2021 10:38

We are pleased to introduce you to one of our club coaches that we have enrolled onto our coach mentoring program which is being supported by ‘Inspiring Coaching’.

Over the next few weeks, we will be discovering a little more about the 5 selected coaches on how they started and how they are developing their coaching and playing philosophies.

First up, is Crispin Tedbury, currently coaching the U12’s.

“I guess like many ‘Mini’ coaches my journey started on a bright and sunny Sunday morning almost six years ago stood on the side-lines.  Alfred had done a season (his one and only) at Little Scrummers and on their recommendation along with a couple of other dads and lads we ventured down to the club.  September flew past with the kids having a cracking time, constantly on the move and full of energy, I marvelled at the coaches patience and powers of persuasion to keep the almost thirty odd kids under control … the request for any volunteers to help out quickly dismissed. 

As winter set in the kids continued to enjoy themselves, me less so as the sunny mornings gave way to the wind and rain.  Jogging up and down the side-lines trying to keep warm, the irony wasn’t lost on me that having initially scoffed at the idea of helping out, running around and actually doing something that at least kept you warm now seemed much more appealing.

The club continued to promote the opportunity to be involved and it was the oncoming threat of snow that encourage me to broach the subject of getting involved with Gary (Bucky).  As an introduction you couldn’t ask for a better experience, Gary was and remains a huge advocate of community rugby and was more than happy to have more willing hands to help organise and run sessions.  My lack of actual rugby knowledge irrelevant as session were design around the principle of ensuring all the kids had a ball in their hands as often as possible and that they all had fun.  Without knowing we were following one of the fundamental principles the RFU promotes when designing kids training sessions APES; active, purposeful, enjoyable and safe.”

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